Kreuzberg, also known as "Little Istanbul" due to the high concentration of Turks in Berlin, is a unique place with alternative cultural elements. There are many bars in the region, where currents such as electronic and hip-hop music are common. Kreuzberg, where you can follow music trends closely, attracts not only Turks but also Germans and tourists. Kreuzberg, which has hosted minorities in Berlin throughout its history, has become an area where mostly Turks live after the Holocaust. It is a multicultural and dynamic neighborhood. The walls are decorated with graffiti in the area, which also appeals to artists and students. Kreuzberg is a favorite destination for travelers who love shabby cafes/bars, nightlife and second-hand shops. Kebab shops, doner shops, places to enjoy Turkish-style tea and people who speak Turkish everywhere… You can head to Kreuzberg to take a look at the life of Turks in Germany and visit one of Berlin's most popular tourist destinations. Note